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The full 2017 calendar is in the pdf document below.  It is updated at intervals, so check this page regularly for new events or amended details.  


The latest Newsletter (June 2017) can be seen below.

The BSBKA Calendar for 2017
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June 2017.pdf
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Recent News

9 November 2017    GOOD NEWS: Michael Gove (Secretary of State for the Environment) has announced that the UK intends to permanently ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides except in exceptional situations. The shift in the government's position apparently arises from recent studies which show the risks from neonics are greater than previously understood. There has been controversy over the findings from studies and tests for some years now, but it seems as if the weight of evidence for the effects on pollinator insects has finally tilted in what most beekeepers will regard as the right way.



19 July 2017      Last Saturday a large number of numbers observed and listened while Kevin Pope and his colleague Rob Oliver (under training) did an inspection of Terry's apiary. Several points of interest even to experienced members were raised and everyone found it a very useful afternoon.  And we had a superb tea in Terry and Pam's garden - thank you to both of them.  

25 June 2017      A large group of members had a really good afternoon yesterday visiting Sue Billington's apiary.  There were some interesting demonstration aspects in the hives, and the tea and cakes afterwards were magnificent.  Thank you for your hospitality Sue; it was much appreciated.

15 June 2017 The apiary is looking very good.  A big thank you to Ian Condon and Sally for the grass cutting and strimming.

12 April 2017      From the BBKA:  Live Asian Hornets have been found in the past few days on the Channel Island of Jersey. The first was discovered alive in a house at Anne Port on Monday 3rd of April. The second has just been reported as having been trapped alive in a Thorne Bee Trap on Mont Bingham.


8 April 2017       A successful BSBKA Introductory Day was helped by the fine weather and provided a great start to the training season.  Some photos:

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