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Other News

12 Feb 2019  Our bee inspector strongly urged us to set up Asian Hornet traps and to check them every day so that they remained monitoring traps and did not become kill traps for other insects. The YouTube video of the Association meeting showing how to make such a trap can be found at Alternatively, a trap with 5 lures can be purchased for £6 from beekeeping equipment suppliers.


25 Aug 2018  Asian Hornet Alert Poole.  No further traces were found, and this may have been an insect on a cross-channel day trip - but there have been others since in the New Forest.  So stay alert.  See here for details and action to take.


11 Aug 2018  Jersey beekeepers are struggling against the Asian Hornet.  See this news article.


3 May 2018  The BBKA is asking beekeepers to keep a good lookout for Asian Hornets.  Please read the article on the BBKA site.  This follows a recent sighting in Lancashire, which was of a Queen that has flown free and has not been captured.


11 March 2018  We have an offer of accommodation for bees: "We have farm, woodland and an old cider apple orchard at DT10 2JJ and would love to have some bee hives/bee keepers here.  We have always had bees but here but they recently moved.  If anyone in your association is looking for land for their bees, we would love to help out".  Contact:


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