Blandford and Sturminster Beekeepers Association
Blandford and Sturminster Beekeepers Association

Second Year Course

This course is available to Club Members at a cost of £75.00 who have completed the Bebinners Course

It runs side by side with the Beginners Course, but with its own Tutors including two Master Beekeepers, and builds on the lessons of the Beginners Course.

Course members will normally be planning on acquiring their own bees and the emphasis of the course is on taking responsibility for the well being and development of specific colonies in the Club’s apiary.

This will help the member to have the confidence for taking responsibility for their own bees and enable them to use the course and instruction in a practical manner in their own apiary.

The course will go on to explain and discuss the content of the British Beekeepers Basic Assessment (Exam)


The intention is to use the exam syllabus as a basis for improving the Beekeepers understanding and knowledge of the Honey Bee which will help their husbandry and improve success in managing the bee’s health and productivity.


There is no obligation to take the exam itself.


However, if the member wishes to do so, every encouragement will be offered, including the opportunity to take a ‘Mock’ assessment by a Master Beekeeper to help gauge progress and understanding.
It is emphasised that there is no obligation to take the exam.

The course will include the theory of producing new queens which is important to maintain good and productive order in the colony with practical instruction of how it is done and the equipment needed.


This course is open ended and course members are free to attend subsequent courses or any separate lessons as they wish when they will have the opportunity to raise questions and problems with other members and any of the course Tutors.

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