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Leaflets, Manuals & Fact Sheets


There are a number of extremely useful advisory leaflets, training manuals & fact sheets on BeeBase (

Advisory Leaflets - Managing Varroa, Small Hive Beetle, Foulbrood Disease, Tropilaelaps, Parasitic Mites, Starting Right with Bees, Common Pests, Diseases and Disorders of the Adult Honey Bee & The National Bee Unit.

Training Manuals -: The Essence of Beekeeping, Handling and Examining a colony, Apiary and hive hygiene, Disease recognition, Advice for obtaining honey bees, Spring Checks, Feeding Bees - sugar, water, pollen and substitutes, Sale of Honeybee Nuclei, Small hive beetle, Bee Improvement & Varroa.

Fact Sheets - A Simple Asian Hornet Monitoring Trap, Acarine (Tracheal Mites), Apiary Hygiene and Quarantine, Bee Medicines, Bee Safaris, Beltsville and Pyrethroid Resistance Testing,Bumblebees, Care of Colonies After Shook Swarms, Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus, Control of European Foulbrood, Control of Small Hive Beetle, Estimating Varroa mite populations, Fumigating Comb, Helping Bees, Hive Cleaning and Sterilisation, Open Mesh Floors, Oxytetracycline Treatment of Colonies with European Foulbrood, Preparing Your Colonies for Winter, Queen Trapping, Replacing Old Brood Comb, Shook Swarming, Solitary Bees, Swarm Control When You Can't Find the Queen, Using Artificial Swarming for Varroa Control, Using Drone Brood Removal for Varroa Control, Using Integrated Pest Management for Varroa Control, Veterinary Medicines Administration Record, Wasps, Wax Moth

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