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Bee-friendly flowers

To plant to help improve bees' foraging possibiulities people often consider planting bee-friendly flowers so that there is something for bees in each of the main foraging months: April - September

Flowers for Bees

Bees need to find pollen and nectar whenever they fly. This is generally when the temperature is more than 13oC. So it is a good idea to have bee-friendly flowers flowering throughout the year.

The information below is general, but if you notice plants covered in bees then please let us know - use the contact form available via the menu saying what plant, what month and approximate location in UK. Thank you.

February – Hazel, Snowdrop

March – Hazel, Snowdrop, Crocus, Sallix (willow), Pears, Plums

April – Oil seed rape, Cherry, Ribes, Hawthorn,

Apples, Dandelion, Mahonia

May - Oil seed rape, Cherry, Ribes, Horse chestnut, Holly, Dead nettle, Apples, Dandelion, Mahonia, Sycamore, Field bean, Raspberry

June – White clover, Lime, Borage, Dead nettle, Ragwort, Sunflower, Blackberry, Holly, Dandelion, Privet, Oil seed rape

July – Borage, Hebe, Blackberry, Dandelion, Heathers, Cotoneaster, Michaelmas daisies, Rosebay willow herb, White clover, Sunflower, Old mans beard, dead nettle, lavender, Privet, Ragwort

August – Red clover, Heather, Michaelmas daisies, Dead nettle, Privet, Rosebay willow herb, Blackberry, Borage, Dandelion, Lavender, Ragwort, Sunflower

September – Michaelmas daisies, Ivy

October & November – Ivy

RHS tip: if space is tight - catmint, lavender or  phacelia tanacetifolia

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