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More about Swarms

The first and most important action is to find a swarm collector by visiting the BBKA Swarm page and entering your postcode. This will give you the contact details for your nearest swarm collector.


If the swarm is in a chimney, behind a fascia board, at the top of a tall tree, on a roof (or inside the structure) or somewhere it is difficult to collect, beekeepers have no magic and cannot collect them. If the swarm can be reached from a stepladder and is in view then we are very happy to collect it.

Swarms are collected late in the day when flying bees have returned.  The beekeeper (in full protective clothing) sweeps or knocks the swarm into a basket-like skep and then keeps them there while the remaining flying bees return; the swarm can then be removed to a new home.  If the swarm arrives about midday and you spot it, it is likely it will still be there when the beekeeper arrives. The longer a swarm stays in one place the sooner it will take off to a chosen nest site and we will arrive in vain. So please let the collector know when you first saw it as well giving as good a description as possible of where it is and any potential access problems.  

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