Blandford and Sturminster Beekeepers Association
Blandford and Sturminster Beekeepers Association

About Us

We have over 100 members from a wide area of Dorset, and we emphasize the training and development of new beekeepers as well as supporting the more experienced.  We have 3 Master Beekeepers on our committee - the most senior qualification awarded by the British Beekeepers Association.


We meet at the Shillingstone Church Centre for discussion, refreshment and teaching. Practical beekeeping takes place at our Apiary, located in a field off Shillingstone Lane, just across the road, owned by the Forum School.  We run a range of courses for new and more advanced beekeepers, and we have a number of social events each year. During the summer we arrange visits to other apiaries, and from October to March there is a programme of talks and demonstrations


We buy honey jars, ambrosia syrup and apiguard in bulk so that members can get these easily and more cheaply.  For a small fee we also loan members an electric honey extractor if they do not have one themselves.


We collect swarms in the local area and can supply swarms to members at a small cost.

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