Blandford and Sturminster Beekeepers Association
Blandford and Sturminster Beekeepers Association


Date 2020
  Course Dates
13 Jan Beekeepers Question Time
Mon 24

What judges look for in honey

Bring honey or wax for comment!

Sun 8

Dorset BKA AGM (with sec of Bee Farmers)

Sunninghill Community Centre, Dorchester 2pm

Sat 14

Beetradex at Stoneleigh Park 8.30-6pm ish

Sat 28

Frame making and Apiary tidy day

with lunch in SCC

Sat 4

Annual Beginners Introductory Day 10am-4pm

Fri 3 - Sun 5

Spring Convention Harper Adams



Sat 16

Visit to Geoff Buckland's Apiary



Sat 6

Visit to West Dorset's Apiary

2.00 pm at Netherbury

Fri 19

Summer BBQ 6.30 pm

at Lesley Gasson's house



Sat 4

Apiary visit



Sat 15

Visit to Danny and Debbie Hughes Apiary

Wed 19

Shaftesbury and Gillingham Show

Sat 29

Apiary tidy 11 am



Tues 8

Talk / demonstartion: making wax flowers

by national show judge



Sun 4

Dorset Convention at Blandford School

10 am - 4 pm

Th 22 - Sa 24

National Honey Show



Fri 13

AGM and Supper



BKAs (Bee Keeping Associations) are centres of knowledge, advice and assistance. They hold the beekeeping knowledge and teach it to future beekeepers. The BSBKA is passionate about bees, honey and the enjoyment you can find through keeping bees and harvesting the produce. Our aim is to encourage the craft of beekeeping and advise, help support and encourage beekeepers. We are fully affiliated with the Dorset County Beekeepers association and the British Beekeepers Association.



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