Blandford and Sturminster Beekeepers Association
Blandford and Sturminster Beekeepers Association
Date Event . . . . . . . . . . . 2019
15 January

Ian Condon on how to make an Asian

Hornet trap in SCC at 7.30pm

12 February 

Margaret Ginman secretary to the Bee

Farmer talk on commercial beekeeping

in SCC at 7.30pm

9 March Bee Tradex Stoneleigh
10 March

DBKA AGM 2.00 speaker

Margaret Murdin President of BBKA

30 March

Frame making and Apiary tidy Apiary 10.30am-


6 April Introduction to Beekeeping Day 10.00-4.00 SCC
12-14 April BBKA Spring Convention at Harper Adams University
25 May

Visit to Sarah Watts' and Steve Toop's Apiary 1.00pm

22 June BBQ at the White House 6.30pm
13 July

Visit to Vita's apiary and research labs in Basingstoke, car share to go there 10.00-4.00pm

20 July Bee Health Day at Portman Hall, Shillingstone 10.00-400pm
17 August Visit to Chris Harwood's apiary 2.00pm
31 August Apiary clean up and feed bees Apiary 2.00pm
10 September Terry Payne talk on Bees and the Law in SCC at 7.30pm
1 October Pay BSBKA subscription
15 October

Lesley Gasson talk on Bees and Water in SCC

at 7.30pm

24-26 October National Honey Show at Sandown Race Course
15 November AGM and supper 7.00pm in SCC



BKAs (Bee Keeping Associations) are centres of knowledge, advice and assistance. They hold the beekeeping knowledge and teach it to future beekeepers. The BSBKA is passionate about bees, honey and the enjoyment you can find through keeping bees and harvesting the produce. Our aim is to encourage the craft of beekeeping and advise, help support and encourage beekeepers. We are fully affiliated with the Dorset County Beekeepers association and the British Beekeepers Association.


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